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Basics Of Makeup Image

Basics Of Makeup

Makeup is not always used because of lack of self esteem. In today’s society women’s are judged greatly on their physical appearance and makeup plays vital role in the personality of women. But women should know how to use makeup with right tricks to enhance her beauty and to catch…

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Author | Admin Comments | 0 Date | August 22, 2016
Choosing FOUNDATION according to Skin Type Image

Choosing FOUNDATION according to Skin Type

Most of us don’t have perfect complexions; so our skin can give us a challenge in looking our best. The miracle of good makeup may help in achieving perfect fine face for your wedding day. You need to know selecting the correct foundation according to your skin type is a…

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Author | Admin Comments | 0 Date | October 27, 2015
Brown Eyes Makeup Tips Image

Brown Eyes Makeup Tips

If you have are looking for eye makeup strategies for brown eyes, look no further. The most effective thing about brown eyes is they look great with almost any eye shadow color, from trip to dark. Base ding on your shade of brown, there are specific colors that will match…

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Author | webmaster Comments | 0 Date | September 21, 2015