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Stunning Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

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Stunning Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair Image

Stunning Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair


Adding flowers to any bridal hairstyle can enhance the effect of the style and make it look colorful and classy all depending on the type of flowers selected and the type of hair do.

There are a large number of absolutely amazing ways to add flowers to any bridal hair style. There are certain wow worthy crowns that just make the brides hairstyle look ten notches more elegant and playful.


Having a southern dreamy destination wedding? What better than to add a lush pastel peony headpiece over nay hairstyle. It will enhance the look you’re opting for. For all those aiming for a outdoorsy summer wedding adding vibrant purple blooms, miniature white daisies, a black baring dress and a lace edged veil- everything about this style screams SUMMER. Furthermore, adding an asymmetrical style adds nothing but glamour to the overall look without overwhelming the face. And you know how to show off the hairstyle? Wear it on the side your guests will see when you say the magic word “I do”. Some of the brides might find a fur wrap and a floral hairstyle to be complete opposites of one another, but hey! Just add a muted color palette and it will make the look seasonally appropriate.


Eye catching? Sophisticated? You betchya. If the bride is opting for a glamorous hairdo with no fuss then what better option than to make a braid into a bun. This makes it look like a basket weave. By adding flowers to this style gives a garden party look. The brides can also add the flowers in a plaited petals style. Pair a side sweet braided hairstyle with miniature blossoms. Also, to create a whimsical vibe, textural flowers can be used to accent eh waterfall braid. Some brides want to make a sweet and subtle look. What better way to do this than to choose a slightly different headpiece variation. This can include a two stranded stunner.

There are literally a million ways in which the brides can make use of flowers and incorporate them into the hairstyles. Use flowers that complement your hair and your dress and create a wedding look that people will remember for a long time.

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