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Wedding Trends of This Year

Wedding Trends of This Year Image

Wedding Trends of This Year


bridal-strapless-floral-print-wedding-dress-bridalsmakeupSo many things are getting changed in this year for wedding, from the dress of bride to the theme of wedding. Everything is getting more tempting. Flowers and weddings are synonymous but this trend has nothing to do with your bouquet or centerpieces. Floral-printed dresses, details and accessories flooded bridal runways in a bold way. You’ve heard of the second dress—well now guys want a unique reception look too. Custom suits with embroidered monograms, velvet loafers and personalized cuff links give guys more style options than ever before. Trends are getting changed even grooms are also conscious about their big day.




bridesmaids-uniforms-wedding-dress-bridalsmakeupThe other new trend of this year is Gone are the days of mandatory bridesmaids uniforms. Now brides are allowing their ladies to choose their own dresses in colors and styles that flatter their bodies. It is the biggest invention of wedding trends. It was never available in past years. Couples are moving away from a reception layout based on large round tables which has a tendency to feel too much like a conference event and are instead opting for either very long, rectangular tables or a mix of long tables surrounded by smaller square and round tables — all for a more intimate vibe.


For sweet dishes the trend is also getting changed this year the wedding cake is here to stay but it’s no longer the only dessert on the menu. Cakes are getting a design update with graphic prints and textile-like motifs while plain tiers are acting as a canvas for video displays—the perfect marriage of dessert and technology. Passed treats, especially of the frozen variety are trending along with installations like doughnut walls. Now you can do your wedding in a good way if you don’t have a vast budget. Serve your guests a brunch instead of dinner. (Your wedding to be just as extravagant on a smaller budget.) A waffle bar with delicious toppings will do the trick. Have your ceremony before the sun reaches its peak and then enjoy cocktail hour under the sun or indoors. Airy outdoor weddings are in trend this time with the theme of bright colors, bright flowers wedding-cake-bridalsmakeup

Dresses of bridals are also getting changed. They are choosing colors other than white. They are choosing some printed gowns as well. This year is bringing so much different and unique wedding trends.

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