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Basics Of Makeup

Basics Of Makeup Image

Basics Of Makeup

Makeup is not always used because of lack of self esteem. In today’s society women’s are judged greatly on their physical appearance and makeup plays vital role in the personality of women. But women should know how to use makeup with right tricks to enhance her beauty and to catch others eye.

Applying makeup can be very quick and simple if you know some basics of makeup. To start a makeup a women should wash her face with a good face wash or she can cleanse her face. After this step she needs a good moisturizer. Everyone have different types of skin and different needs according to skin type of them. If you have dark circles or black spots, discolorations then you need to apply concealer. It’s a very tricky art to choose good concealer for your face according to the tone of your face or you can also use one or two lighter shade of your skin.


The other step is to choose right foundation according to your skin tone and type. If you will purchase wrong foundation it will give you result in the form of yellowish or arrange face you can choose your foundation by applying it to your jaw or cheeks. You have to apply it with the help of your fingers or you can apply with brushes or puffs. There are different types of foundations such as cream foundation, liquid foundation, powder foundation. They give you different looks you can purchase them according to your makeup requirements like if u need a medium l tone makeup you can go for liquid foundation.


For eye makeup you have to choose right colors like for a base of eyes you have to choose white or some light color then you can go gradually for a dark shade. It’s better to choose waterproof eye makeup. Eyeliner is the most biggest enhancer of eyes look for an attractive look choose brown or black color. Now you can go for mascara it should be waterproof as well to give attractive look to your lashes.

After eye makeup you need to do blush on your cheeks if you have light tone go for pinkish shades or if you have medium tone you can go for mauves etc.


Choose a color of your lips outline according to your lipstick color. Lipstick should be according to your tone as well because lips are the most attractive part of women’s face. A woman with red lipstick looks hot more than anything. If you have dry lips then don’t forget to put some chap stick or lip balm before lipstick. You can also use lipstick brush to apply lipstick. If you want natural look you can also use lip gloss. Woman should know the basics of makeup to enhance her beauty but over use of makeup can damage skin in a very bad way so it must to wash your face before bed to safe your skin.

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