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Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin

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Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin

If you are going to marry and you have dark skin then to choose everything including dress, makeup, jewelry and shoes is trickier for you than any other bride. As we all know that wedding is the special time which brings a lot of intentions, new thoughts and dreams for a girl. It comes once in her life so she desires to feel like a princess. A girl with fair and white complexion has no special worries. On the other hand, the girls with dark or blackish skin need to take care of her make up a lot. Make sure one thing that the darkness in the skin is just because of the oiliness inside the skin cells. So First of all you have to avoid oil based makeup products and cosmetics as they show your skin darker. Choose the oil free foundation which should match with your skin color. A liquid foundation works better on dark skin than any cream or powder based foundation. Powdered foundation look shiny and oily. Dilute your foundation with a bit of water to make it even on the skin. For the cheeks and blush on color just make the use of light and soft shades adding with pink, orange, cinnamon and peach blend your blush into skin carefully so that it will not get prominent after some time .


Eye makeup should be dark for dark complexion. The bridal dresses are also normally in dark colors such as red, maroon, shocking pink etc. So use the eye color matching or contrast to your dress, Smokey eyes look good on a dark skin tone. You need to blend the colors well. Just blend the colors well. Don’t use golden or glowing silver color onto your eyes. Being a dark skin lady, these colors will not suit on your eyes. So avoid them always. Similarly for lips, Colors such as coffee, rose, orange, burgundy, gold, chocolate, pink are best for dark skin tone. Don’t go for too glossy lipsticks. They are not good for dark skin tone. Dark shades lip sticks will damage your personality on your big day.


If you are going to prepare yourself, then these tips will surely work best for your big day. They will enhance your personality and you will look sexy and hot with smokey eyes or any dark shade eye makeup. If you are hiring some makeup artist then you can also use these tips. They will work for you and will help you to look hot on your big day.

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